the evolution of the FADE

this week, we did our video on HOW to do a FADE HAIRCUT.  which got us thinking: the FADE has been a staple point haircut since the 50’s, but, if you haven’t noticed, it’s never really left, it just evolved.  

need a REFRESHER on what a FADE is?

watch our quick video:

through the years, the standard military haircut and 20s show stopper turned into many different styles of FADE haircut.  now, the FADE is more of a style guide than a single cut. let’s take a look at the different types of fades and how they evolved (and find your new style along the way).

the types of FADES

the general fade, as we stated, started as a standard issue military, but it changed throughout the years.  the major difference in the FADE falls on the side taper and what’s on top.

TAPERS for the head

the TAPER describes the area that is shaved on the fade and where it ends.  the 4 main TYPES of TAPER are:

  1. LOW: ending around the ear

image source: therighthairstyles


2. MEDIUM: ending half way up the head

image source: therighthairstyles

3. TEMP: ending very high on the head

image source: Pinterest

3. BALD: leaving the top of the head as the beginning and end of the fade

image source: stylemann

in fact, there’s another type of FADE called the DROP, which removes the separation line between the taper and the top of the head.

but if that isn’t enough for you, this SIMPLE CUT can be kicked up a notch with CUSTOM STYLES.  from simple lines to intricate designs, the fade has become a work of art of the head for many.

image source: therighthairstyles


STYLES for the TOP of the head

the top of the fade has seen many styles through the years, and most of them are a bit longer than the original military haircut.  the FADE tends to find itself more customized like the tapers on the fade with designs and cut outs.

image source: stylemann

and who could forget the FLAT TOP FADE?

image source: therighthairstyles


all in all, the FADE HAIRCUT isn’t going out of style anytime soon.  we expect to see thousands of more variations for 1 simple reason: EVERY man looks good with a FADE :)

are you considering a FADE?  tell us which you’re choosing in the comments :)


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