the SECRET FORMULA for how to style hair.

Have you ever taken a photo in to the hair stylist and asked how to style hair that way? Of course you did. Pending that your hair stylist was talented enough - once they finished, you hoped your hair looked the way you had envisioned. Leaving the salon with the right hair is half the battle. Now recreating it on your own at home, is the other half.


So what is the secret formula to create the hair style that you always wanted? It comes down to 3 things. With those three things in line, you can recreate anything.

  1. The FOUNDATION holds the house up - YOU NEED THE BEST HAIRCUT! The proper haircut to support the types of styles you want to achieve. Length, weight, texture, direction, etc. will ALL need to get cut in to the hair. As our co-founder, Veronica Lee, says "You will never know a good haircut until you have had one. Once you have had one, you will NEVER go back!". With a good hair cut, your hair should be set up perfectly for styling.                                                                                                                                                                                      Foundation
  2. The BUILDING BLOCKS - YOU NEED THE BEST HAIR PRODUCTS AND TOOLS! If you want to build a house, you need all the right pieces. You need the wood, the nails, the siding, etc. This works no differently for the hair. If you are doing a polished / romantic curl, then you will use nvenn smooth defrizzer, nvenn fix hairspray, and nvenn protect heat protectant. Couple that with a high quality ceramic / tourmaline curling iron and you are able to get the best possible result.                                                                                                                                                         hardware
  3. You must know HOW TO BUILD the house - YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO STYLE YOUR HAIR! What good is have the building blocks for a house and having no idea how to build it? You must learn how to style it in the way that you want to. Remember, it can be EASY! Make sure your hair strategist knows how much time and effort you are willing to put in so that they can give you the style to match accordingly. Be honest with yourself and with them. This is why a GOOD haircut is KEY! The better the haircut the less time and the more accurate your styling will be.
  With these 3 pieces to the puzzle, you have the secret formula to any hair style at your fingertips. Make sure that you partner with an experienced hair strategist that is both creative and technical. They play a key role as they are the expert that will navigate your ship through unknown waters.

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