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transforming a grown out ombre into a COLOR MELT

jessica is here today to turn erin's ombre into something a little softer. we’re going to use midtones to turn erin's grown out #ombre into a beautiful COLOR MELT


the BEST part? this is going to be really quick and easy. jessica is going to take an ASH BLONDE number 7 and strategically place it throughout the client's hair to break up the harsh color change.

how to do the COLOR MELT

jessica is very excited to be using this new color line. it's one she has been waiting to try. she is using the j. beverly hills liquid color that just came out this year.

the color that jessica chose is a 7V called LAVENDER HONEY.

jessica has the hair sectioned into 4 QUADRANTS, and she is starting with the bottom.

erin wants all of her ends to be blonde. you need to be sure to STAGGER the amount of midtone you put in to give a diffused finish. for this technique, it is ok to take THICKER sections.

jessica applies the color DIRECTLY onto the hair. make sure to color right up to her natural hair to prevent any gaps in the color.

jessica moves through each section thoughtfully choosing where to place the color; HOW MUCH color to use and HOW FAR to pull the color down. she is careful not to brush the color through the ends, as our model wants them to remain blonde.

on one section she pulls the dark down closer to the ends and then on the next section she pulls the color down only ONE THIRD of the way down. jessica will continue to vary the darkness of each section all the way around erin's head.

STYLING the hair

erin is now all WASHED and POWER DRIED. jessica is going to set her with the nvenn ‘blowout kit’.

first, jessica applies the nvenn ‘volume’ working it in through the CROWN of the head and then down through the nape and the side of the head.

our volume product has a lot of tact as it is designed to give A LOT of body. because of this, jessica suggests to apply it to hair that is MORE on the DRIER SIDE. power drying the hair a bit more after you put volume in and BEFORE you start using a brush.

next jessica sprays on nvenn’s ‘protect’, being sure to get it ALL OVER the hair. protect puts a thin barrier over the hair so that your styling tool will burn that instead of the outer layer of your hair.

finally, jessica APPLIES nvenn ‘replenish‘ to the ends of erin's hair. replenish fills in any cracks and crevices in the hair to give it a nice, smooth, shiny finish.

the FINISHED look

here is erin's hair DRIED and STYLED with some loose curls.

the color turned out wonderful and jessica did a great job SOFTENING the harsh fade she had.

leave a comment below if you have any questions on this style and coloring processes. any video suggestions are also welcome!

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