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turning grown out ROOTS into a LOW MAINTENANCE OMBRE

what do you do when you have roots and no desire to upkeep your color?  you get an OMBRE of course ;)  today we’re going to show you an awesome technique for clients who love blonde hair (and other hard to upkeep colors) but can’t quite commit to the ROOT TOUCH-UP every 3-6 weeks.  

watch the video, read the blog, and tell us your ideas for turning ROOTS to BEAUTIFUL OMBRE HAIR in the comments.

jess has BLONDE HAIR and as you can see, her roots are starting to come in.  

we’re going to turn this into a DARK OMBRE that’s super low maintenance and absolutely gorgeous.

we’re going to use a 5n j beverly hills +10 vol and BLEND it out for the PERFECT OMBRE.  

when it comes to your hair and color selection, the same rules we’re about to go through apply.

first, you want to APPLY your color to the roots across the entire head.  stay neat and tidy to make sure that you don’t stain any hair you’re not trying to color.  

second, apply your color to blend out the NEW GROWTH.

now you’re ready to move on to the BLENDING PROCESS.  we want to make sure that we BLEND the dark with the light so her hair looks like an intentional ombre and not just grown out roots. her hair is very blonde and we are coloring 4 shades darker. we do not want it to look muddy or hollow. for this, you want to mix 5n j beverly hills + 1 chip size of 6.3 +10 vol and FEATHER the color in. the chip of gold color will act as a fill color so the brown looks rich and pigmented. to feather the color, hold your brush vertically and paint the dark into the light gently with a soft hand.

with each section we paint, we’re going to stagger the amount of dark we paint to create a NATURAL and DIFFUSED line.

once we’re finished, we’re going to let the color process for 15 minutes and then wash her out.

the final product is a BEAUTIFUL BLONDE OMBRE that requires very little maintenance.

so whether you have clients that love blonde hair but can’t quite commit, try this technique to meet their needs. depending on their preferences, they can go a full 4-6 months before their next visit.

want a COMPLETE CHEAT SHEET? click here and we’ll send it straight to your email :)


Amy Knight on November 02 2018 at 02:42PM

Love your root smudge/balayage and every other coloring technique that I’ve viewed of you perfecting these miracle colors!!!

Jennie on November 02 2018 at 02:42PM

Client has got blonde bobbed hair but is wanting to go ombre.shes in her 60s

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