using a NEW #shadowedroot technique for SANDY ROSE blonde hair

today we’re debuting a new SHADOWED ROOT technique 💘 veronica is retouch jessica’s blonde after nearly a year of no coloring! we learned this new #shadowedroot technique from a russian stylist at the hair show in LA last year. it includes a blow dryer and an incredibly easy application. 😉

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the SHADOWED ROOT technique

hair tied up back

hair tied front

we’re starting with a typical sectioning pattern: 4 even quadrants around the head, with the fringe of her bangs in their own section. 

the FORMULA for the lightener


here’s the formula we’re using on jessica’s hair:

  1. 15 grams of blonde me 9 level lift lightener
  2. 5 grams of the blonde me cool additive
  3. mixed with ½ 20 vol and ½ 30 vol

APPLYING the lightener

blow dryer hair

as we mentioned earlier, this shadowed root technique requires the help of a blowdryer. keep the heat low. we want to heat the hair, not burn it. 

back of head

starting in the bottom right quadrant, we’re taking small sections to blow dry. the heat from the blowdryer is separating the ‘baby’ hairs throughout jessica’s hair.

lightener back of hair

we’re FEATHERING on the lightener and staggering the placement throughout the hair. we’re avoiding the previously lightened hair as we move throughout. 

lightener side view

we’ll repeat this process around throughout the sections and work our way around jessica’s head. 

lightener wrapped

for all the hair that is left sticking out, we’re going to gently feather lightener on and foil them invidivually.  

close to roots

as we move up the head, the sections will require us to be extremely clean. in addition to making sure none of the hair is tangled, we’re carefully taking note of the patterns. 

as we approach the top foil of the section, we want to take note. this is the same pattern all the top foils need to follow for the hair to look even. 

lightening the FRINGE

lightening fringe

with jessica’s fringe, we’ll be following the same pattern as the rest of the head starting with the layer of hair closest to her head. 

foils prepared

with the foils all applied, we’re ready to WASH out. 

TONING the hair

toner ready

now we’re ready to tone. 

applying toner

we’ll be using ½ 7b and ½ 9b on the new growth. 

for the already lightened hair, we’re going to use 9n. 

toner applied

with the toner all applied, we’re waiting 20 minutes (give or take) until the toners have processed completely.  

COLORING the hair

coloring hair

now we’ve washed out the toner. our palette is perfect for the SANDY ROSE color. 

applying hair color

to do so, we’ve mixed ½ rose gold and ½ beige from the pravana color express line. because these colors process fast, we want to start from the bottom and work quickly. 

sandy rose color

after the washing and drying the hair, we can see that the color is a little hollow. so, we’re going to apply the pravana colors a second time. 

2nd color sandy rose

after a second process, we have the SANDY ROSE color we’re going for 😘

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