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using a SHADOWED ROOT for blonde hispanic hair

we're here this week with jessica and our lovely client wendy, and jessica is going to show us how to create a stunning SHADOWED ROOT on blonde hair.  wendy has been in the process of going BLONDE for about 3 years so she's had quite a few lightening processes done on different parts of her hair. she has a fair amount of new growth at the roots. her hair is naturally dark, and due to the multiple processes used to lighten her hair previously. she has some brassy tones throughout the strands and some damaged ends.

what we are going to do today is use a keratinizing treatment to salvage and repair her ends, we’ll also do a trim to get rid of the ends that are too far gone to save.

After that jessica is going to lighten the ends and tone the mid shafts to create a stunning diffused BLONDE with SHADOWED ROOT.

the SECTIONING pattern

jessica has sectioned wendy’s hair into 4 main QUADRANTS. 

our focus for this style is to maintain the integrity of wendy’s previously lightened hair. she has had a few lightening processes done on her hair already, so it is important not to overprocess the previously lightened portions.

since jessica will have to apply some lightener to some of the previously lightened portions of the hair, she is going to start with the back sections, being extra careful not to get lightener where we do not want it.

jessica is using a visual process to pick out the previously lightened sections to prevent over-processing and damaging the strands.

jessica is using 2 FORMULAS to create wendy’s new look. the first is a blondeme with 1/2 20 VOL. + 1/2 30 VOL. with continuum and cool additive.

jessica is also using a paint on CREME LIGHTENER + 7 VOL. with continuum.

jessica is using a backcomb method to create a diffused SHADOWED ROOT. this is the best method to use when you do not know the sectioning pattern that was used to previously lighten the hair and create a natural looking transition. 

she works her way up the section of hair using a visual process to stagger the foil layers and vary the amount of dark and light, gradually moving up the section until the entire section is in foils.

wendy’s hair has a pretty consistent amount of NEW ROOT GROWTH in the front sections of her hair, so jessica is incorporating a fine weave pattern to break up the color transition and create a bit of added DIFFUSION to ensure a natural color transition.

with all the foils all applied  the back sections are already beginning to develop quite nicely, so after a few more minutes of processing, she will be ready to RINSE and TONE.

TONING the hair

with the lightener rinsed out, jessica begins the process of TONING the hair. she is using 2 formulas. the first is and 10.12 from davines and the second is a 10p matrix color sync.

the FINAL style

the result is this stunning and multi-faceted blonde with violet undertones. jessica was able to create a beautiful diffused transition from the new growth to the previously lightened ends and incorporate a beautiful SHADOWED ROOT to break up the transition.

if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below. let us know what kind of videos you would like to see in the future, and be sure to like and subscribe @nvennhairbeauty for new videos every week! xoxo

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