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what to pack for your hair while TRAVELLING

today’s video comes to you from the beautiful cabo san lucas in mexico, and it’s gonna be all about what you should pack for your hair while TRAVELING.

there are a few essentials that you need to bring on any trip. jessica likes to pack light and only bring a carry-on, so it’s important to make sure everything into just one tiny bag.


travel hair care 1

first and foremost, nvenn “wash” shampoo is a great because when you’re in the tropical heat and humidity, your hair can become so dry and dehydrated.

travel hair care 2

As you can see, jessica’s hair is a bit frizzy from the tropical humidity

the sun is also really hard on blonde hair, and will turn it very yellow.

travel hair care 3

you can counteract this effect by bringing a PURPLE SHAMPOO. it will help maintain the toner for longer. that being said, depending on how high the UV index is and how long you’re in the sun every day, you might need to book in with your stylist for a fresh toner when you are back.

jessica likes to mix half purple shampoo and half nvenn ‘wash’ every time she washes her hair. purple shampoo is typically pretty dehydrating. it’s designed to blast the cuticle open so that it can access the pigment in the hair. diluting purple shampoo with nvenn ‘wash’ will make it a little more hydrating. it’s great for keeping the hair clean and the color looking evenly toned.


travel hair care 4

nvenn ‘polish’ conditioner is like a mini mask for hair. it help to reverse the damage the sun did to the hair.


travel hair care 5

jessica doesn’t like to flat iron her hair everyday because the heat is already so hard on it, but nvenn ‘replenish’ HAIR RESTORATION OIL is a great way to solve any frizziness from the humidity.

travel hair care 6

just run a bit through your hair on your hands to smooth out the hair. it will make the hair look like it was freshly flat ironed.


travel hair care 7

nvenn ‘smooth’ is great to use when you’re curling your hair to give some added definition to the curls without the heaviness of replenish oil.


travel hair care 8

in such a dry climate, it’s important not to overwash the hair. It’s also time consuming to have to re-style your hair every day. nvenn ‘clean’ is great to use to absorb any sweat, oils and odors, keeping any hairstyle looking and smelling fresh and clean between washes.


travel hair care 9

jessica brought her travel sized flat iron and a travel blow dryer.

travel hair care 10

after frying her hair once with a hotel hair dryer, she recommends always bringing your own from home.

you will also need:


travel hair care 11


travel hair care 12

nvenn ‘invisi-ring’ traceless hair ties are great if you want to rock any do! they are designed to put less tension on the hair than normal hair ties, so if you plan on wearing your hair down afterwards, there won’t be any indents. jessica also brings regular hair ties if she wants to rock a high ponytail.


travel hair care 13

jessica always brings a flat comb with one fine end for backcombing and one large end for detangling.

It’s also a good idea to bring an assortment of small clips and headbands to keep any bangs in place and out of your face.

travel hair care 14

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