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what YOU’RE DOING to turn your hair ORANGE... 5 steps to maintain the PERFECT COLOR.

The number one complaint we hear as stylists from blondes is that their hair turns orange and that they hate it. The first question we always ask them is, "was it orange when you left the salon?" If the answer is yes, then the stylist that did it either didn't lighten it enough or didn't tone it properly. What went wrong would depend on where the hair was to start and what the desired end result was. If the answer I no, then it's something you are doing to your hair at home that makes it orange. Here are the 5 things that people do that contribute to their hair turning orange.
  1. They don't refresh the toner. Orange/ Yellow is the under pigment of hair and the toner is put on it to neutralize it. We see a lot of this happening especially with people that have ombres, sombre, balayage or the rooted blondes. These clients think because their roots are natural that they don't have to get their hair done. This couldn't be more wrong. We want you to compare your toner to people that get solid color. Within 4-6 weeks we start to notice any color (browns, reds, auburn, copper, etc) start to go dull. At that point we get our regrowth done and our ends freshened. TONER IS NO DIFFERENT. They fade in the same way so every 4-6 weeks they should be getting freshened up for BEST results.
  2. We use crappy products. Crappy products also turn our hair orange in 2 ways. Cheap shampoos have sulphates and other cheap astringent chemicals that strip the toner out of our hair. If you turn over some shampoo bottles and compare the ingredients to some household cleaners you'll find some similar ingredients. Now imagine you shampooing your hair with Mr. Clean... Oh the massacre! The other way cheap products contribute to turning your color orange is they leave a build up on the hair. This creates a series of problems. One of the biggest problems is that they build can affect the way the toner takes to the hair.
  3. Your hair is damaged. We want you to think of your hair like a straw. When it's healthy, fluid can pass through it effortlessly. Then we can damage the straw (hair strand) by punching holes into it. Now try drinking out of that straw; all of the liquid would just leak out. The same happens to damage hair. The color molecules just leak out of the strand as we wash it. Lightner, heat tools, the sun and most other things we do to our hair continually contribute to further damaging our hair. Anyone with lightened hair should be using a deep conditioning mask with both protein and moisture. The protein will fill the holes and the moisture ill seal it in. Also you should be using a good heat protector before you heat style. Heat protectors put a thin barrier on the hair so that the hot tool burns that off rather than the hair strand. Put a new layer of heat protectant on between every layer of heat (before the blow dryer and then again before you flat iron).
  4. PURPLE SHAMPOO is your secret weapon. Most people don't use it often enough or don't leave it on long enough. There's no real rule on how often you're supposed to use it or leave it on for. We always suggest to start with once a week and leave it on for a minute and adjust it accordingly. If it's not ashy enough use it more frequently and leave it on longer and vice versa. If it becomes too ashy it can eventually turn purple so be careful.  Personally we like to mix the purple shampoo into our regular shampoo rather than shampooing twice.
  5. You're seeing the wrong stylist. See someone that specializes in the look you are trying to achieve. How you would foil the hair,the type of toner you would use etc is very different for an ethnic person and a Caucasian person are completely different. Check out a pio to seeld want in

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