"I have never been a fan of dry shampoos so I almost didn’t try it. So glad I did! It absorbed the oil, completely disappeared, made my hair more voluminous and it smelled great! This is a keeper!"

- BARBARA T. - nvenn clean customer

Clean - Invisible Dry Shampoo

$27.00 USD

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Get more life out of your style and keep your hair looking clean with the nvenn Clean Invisible Dry Shampoo. That means going longer in between washes with no fuss. This hair hero absorbs the oil & grease, deodorizes, and completely disappears (even in dark hair 😉)! Formulated with organic sea kelp extract, tapioca, silica, pure essential oils. Talc free, paraben free, toxin free, cruelty free.


Less washing without greasy hair.

Save Time With a 30 Second Application of nvenn clean.

Stop drying out your hair and scalp by over washing it and go longer between shampooing! Every person dreads having to wash and style their hair when they are on the go.

This dry shampoo is designed to absorb all the grease, oil, and odor. With just a few sprinkles at the root, your hair will look clean and fresh, as if you just washed it.

A universal dry shampoo, designed for every hair color.

Leaves No Residue.

nvenn Clean Invisible Dry Shampoo disappears in the hair (even in dark hair 😉), leaving a natural look. That's why this works with every hair color.

To apply it, simply sprinkle a small amount in to greasy roots and rub in until it disappears. That’s it - no more grease, no more odor.

No Washing. Looks Clean. Smells Good.

This Dry Shampoo Makes Your Life Simpler and Easier.

With a single bottle, you can stop over washing and save hours of time on styling.

Don't under estimate this little life saver, nvenn Clean lasts on average of 12-18 months with daily use. It's also lightweight enough to carry with you in your bag for easy touch ups on the go.

Aromatherapy in every bottle.

Pure Essential Oil Scent.

With a single bottle, you can keep your hair (and nose!) happy for the days to come.

This natural scent is not only toxin free, but promotes several health benefits. It keeps your hair smelling so good that you won’t be the only one asking for it.

Try it today, and see what nvenn Clean can do for you.