mini denman brush keyring

$4.00 USD

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Attach to keyring, easy to use, good for travel.

what it is: 

the ever-popular DENMAN CLASSIC brush is now available as a keyring. the ULTIMATE STYLING brush to blowdry in body and shine. 

what it does: 

with rows of nylon pins and anti-static rubber pad, the famous denman provides maximum grip and CONTROL during the blow-dry for shaping hair. effective for providing greater control over styling the hair due to the heavier weight of the brush.

what else you need to know:

the brush is a MUST for your purse or on your keys. it makes perfect hair on the go a breeze. it also will save the day against pesky cowlicks and whirls which are hairstyling nightmares. the soft, but strong bristles allow for maximum control to get the hair to lay in place (where you want it!)