"This is probably the best heat protectant I’ve ever used. I don’t think I will ever use anything else."

- ABIGAIL S. - nvenn protect customer

protect - Heat Shield

$29.00 USD

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Anti-static, speeds up dry time, lightweight, invisible.

We all know that heat is damaging, but we love our hot tools! Use nvenn Protect Heat Shield to add a protective layer between your hair and your hot tools. This heat protectant prevent heat damage, so use this with your blow dryer and all your heat styling tools. Formulated with organic sea kelp and citrus blend of pure essential oils. Paraben free, toxin free, cruelty free.


A Style Primer for Every Style.

Cut your blow dry time, prevent static, and lock that color in.

Not only does this protect from heat, but this handy little spray packs in so many more benefits.

This heat shield is an anti-static, speeds up hair drying, and prevents premature color fading from your hot tools. 

Dries invisible with no residue.

Get the Protection You Want Without Feeling a Thing.

Spray nvenn Protect Heat Shield on before every layer of heat. Before you blow dry, then again before any hot tool. This is shield you won’t even know you are wearing.

To apply it, spray into damp hair before blow dry. Reapply before hot tools.

Everyone loves good smelling hair.

A hair perfume and deodorizer.

Scented with pure essential oils, you will have a hair perfume that also provides aromatherapy and health benefits.

This heat shield is a tool kit must have. You’ll find yourself falling madly in love with this versatile spray. Guess what? Your hair won’t be the only one asking for it!

Try it today, and see what this Heat Shield can do for you.