"My hair feels amazing! These nvenn products left my hair soft, smelling good and shiny. I will be purchasing this again!"

- KIERA G. - nvenn wash and polish customer

wash & polish - Repair and Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

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Repair and moisture, high quality natural ingredients, toxin free, cruelty free

The nvenn Wash and Polish are a shampoo and conditioner duo, rich with repair and moisture. It soothes, nourishes, and revitalizes the hair and scalp from the inside out. This nutrient rich formula penetrates to the deepest layers of your hair. Even though it is light weight, don't let that fool you. It packs the punch for even the most dehydrated and distressed hair 😉 Formulated with phyto-keratin, hydrolized silk, organic cold pressed aloe vera juice, coconut oil, honey quat, hydrolized oats, organic sea kelp, pure essential oils. Paraben free, sulphate free, toxin free, cruelty free.


Grow the hair you have always wanted!

Health Scalp + Healthy Hair = Hair Growth.

The nvenn Wash is a gentle coconut oil based cleanser (color safe!) that removes unwanted build up, oils, toxins, and scalp debris. As it cleanses, it restores moisture and strength.

The nvenn Polish conditioner is packed full of quality natural ingredients that absorb into the hair and scalp to balance, repair, and revitalize it from the inside out. Best yet, it is feather light and will not feel heavy at all or cause any build up.

No fillers, waxes, or toxins.

Just Clean and Healthy Hair.

Many shampoos and conditioners out there will strip the hair and scalp (much like a bull dozer) of the good oils and hydration. Then to mask that, they use fillers, waxes, and other toxins that’s just leave build up on the hair (with no health benefits).

Not on our watch! nvenn Wash and Polish gently cleanse and restore all the nutrients your hair and scalp need. From start to finish, light weight proteins and hydrators work their magic. Its like your hair is working out and getting stronger every day 😉

Your invisible hair super hero.

Soft, Shiny, Strong, and Smooth.

This ultra nourishing shampoo & conditioner is infused with organic sea kelp extract - rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids (the building blocks of hair).

Providing hydration and repair with silk & phytokeratin proteins, coconut oil, biotin, hydrolized oats, cold pressed aloe vera, and many more amazing ingredients! It reverses damage and seals in the moisture. AND its color safe too, providing maximum color protection to keep your colors vibrant longer.

Aromatherapy in every bottle.

Pure Essential Oil Scent.

With this duo, you can keep your hair (and nose!) happy for the days to come.

This natural scent is not only toxin free, but promotes several health benefits. It keeps your hair smelling so good that you won’t be the only one asking for it.

Try it today, and see what this Repair and Moisture Shampoo can do for you.