"This product has been my go-to for years because it is light and has an awesome matte finish, allowing your hair to have volume and create texture."

- TERRENCE B. - nvenn texture customer

texture - Whipped Paste

$29.00 USD

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Matte whipped paster, non-greasy, lightweight, easy to restyle.

A matte, soft, texturizing paste. The nvenn Texture Whipped Paste is strong enough for thick hair, and light enough for fine hair. Finally, a paste that doesn't feel heavy or greasy! AND, you can trust this to hold your style all day long. Formulated with organic sea kelp extract, beeswax, castor seed oil, pure essential oils. Paraben free, toxin free, cruelty free.


Customize your look and finish.

Buildable Paste to Suit Your Needs.

Your finished look can be customized from soft-to-touch to firm. You pick!

Apply to damp hair and blow dry in to give hold, body, and a natural finish to your style. Reapply to dry hair as desired for firmer finish. 

Easy to restyle and wash out.

Let’s Make Life Easy and Simple.

Not only does this product restyle easily, but it washes out super easily as well. To restyle, wet hands and rework as desired.

Use the nvenn Texture Whipped Paste daily for the style you want everyday that does not build up on the hair and scalp. 

Light weight and non-greasy.

Good for Even Fine Hair Textures.

Finally, something that works that doesn’t get heavy and greasy. Blow dry into damp hair for a natural, touchable finish.

nvenn Texture even works with natural curls to give hold and a natural finish. Apply to damp hair and diffuse. 

Try it today, and see what the nvenn Texture Whipped Paste can do for you.