The Drama Queen (4 Pack)

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This dollar lash club has lashes that women love because they're lightweight, reusable, easy-to-apply! 

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It's easy! Just select your styles, select how many, pay a ridiculously low price for them, and wait to get them in the mail.

Luxury 3D Faux Mink Vegan Lashes (4 Pairs/ box):

- vegan lashes - that look and feel like real hair
- animal and human cruelty-free
- silky, soft, lightweight fibers
- easy to secure corners 
- knotted & feathered by hand for
 3D dimension
- absolute comfort
- mink lash look (without the cruelty 🐰)

Free shipping on all 3D Faux Mink lashes. There are 4 lashes in each box. There are different styles for different occasions so spoil yourself with a box of each!