"It works! I like the scent, it is invigorating! Noticed a real difference in my hair. My hair has a definite fuller feel. On addition, it has a silky texture. Very happy with the results."

- TERI W. - nvenn volume kit customer

The Volume Kit

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Body and fullness, toxin free, cruelty free, pure essential oil scent

Did somebody say volume? If you want big, bold, beautiful body then The nvenn Volume Kit is where you want to be. We are talking mega volume, and much more! You get heat protection, volume, hold, AND of course – soft, smooth, shiny hair! This is a full styling system for all your blow out needs. Formulated with organic sea kelp extract, 70 trace minerals, amino acids, and pure essential oils. Paraben free, toxin free, cruelty free.


Get the Absolute Most Volume Out of Your Hair.

Big, Big, BIG Time Lift.

Stop fighting with limp, lifeless hair! Prep your big-body styles with both the nvenn Volume and the nvenn Fix. Watch the magic happen - we are talking big, big, BIG time body from your blow-dry.  

When we say the most volume, we mean it! To apply, evenly spread Volume and spray Fix into wet hair from roots to ends. Layer on Replenish and Protect . Blow dry and style. Finish with Smooth.  

We all need heat protection for our hair.

Protect and Prevent Damage.

The reality about getting volume in our hair, is that it requires heat styling from our blow dryer (and maybe our hot tools). That heat is hard on our hair and if beautiful hair is the name of the game, then a Heat Shield is a non-negotiable.

Get the heat protection you need to prevent damage and color fading. AND let’s not forget all the other things the nvenn Protect Heat Shield offers – speeds up blow dry time, anti-static, and smells amazing (hair perfume).

Noticeable results.

Softer, Shinier, Smoother, and
Stronger Hair.

This kit includes some hair heros that will change your hair game. We are talking the 4 S’s - soft, shiny, smooth, and strong. Need we say more?

Don't under estimate this kit, nvenn Volume Kit will give you results that you just can’t ignore. Watch your hair transform in front of your eyes.

Aromatherapy in every bottle.

Pure Essential Oil Scent.

With this kit, you can keep your hair (and nose!) happy for the days to come.

This natural scent is not only toxin free, but promotes several health benefits. It keeps your hair smelling so good that you won’t be the only one asking for it.

Try it today, and see what this nvenn Volume Kit can do for you.