"Fabulous products! I love it. My hair use to be dry, frizzy and dull but thanks to your remarkable product my hair looks fabulous."

- DEBBIE W. - nvenn hair repair kit customer

The Hair Repair Kit

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Repair and moisture, softer, shinier, smoother, stronger, toxin free, cruelty free.

Bring dry or damaged hair back to life with the nvenn Hair Repair Kit. There is a process to having healthy hair - from in the shower to styling! This 5 product hair kit has the everything you need to restore moisture and strength to your hair every step of the way. Get ready for softer, shinier, smoother, and stronger hair! Formulated with organic sea kelp extract, hydrolyzed oats, hydrolyzed silk proteins, cold pressed aloe vera juice, avocado oil, pure essential oils. Paraben free, sulphate free, toxin free, cruelty free.

          • 'wash' - moisturizing shampoo
          • 'polish' - daily repairing conditioner
          • 'replenish' - strength restoration oil
          • 'protect' - heat shield
          • 'smooth' - split end mender and smoothing serum



Grow the hair you have always wanted!

Protect and Restore Health.

The harder you are on your hair, the harder your hair needs to work to be healthy. Your hair gets damaged from tangling, tying, coloring, heat styling, etc, etc, etc... Literally, most everything you do with your hair damages it. 

Use the nvenn Hair Repair Kit to repair, moisturize, strengthen, protect, and seal. Use wash and polish in the shower, style replenish and protect in to damp hair (and again to dry hair if necessary), and finish with smooth in dry hair. 

A universal hair repair kit, designed for every head of hair.

From Thin to Thick Hair.

nvenn Hair Repair Kit absorbs deep into the hair shaft to repair and moisturize from the inside out. It packs the strength your hair needs, but is light weight - leaving no heaviness or gunkiness!

No fillers, no wax, no build up. Only natural, stronger, softer hair.

Noticeable results.

Softer, Shinier, Smoother, and Stronger Hair.

With a single kit, you have everything you need to have more moisturized and repaired hair.

Don't under estimate these hair heros, nvenn Hair Repair Kit will give you results that you just can’t ignore. Watch your hair come back to life in front of your eyes.

Try it today, and see what this Hair Repair Kit can do for you.