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9-1-1 hair rescue kit

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what it is: 

hair REJUVENATION from home. nvenn's 9-1-1 HAIR RESCUE KIT. watch your hair become softer and shinier everyday.

what it does:

full of organic sea kelp extract, 70 trace minerals, amino acids, and pure essential oils, this hair kit repairs the hair from the inside out without weighing it down. this kit gives your hair what it needs to come back to life with REPAIR, MOISTURE, COLOR PROTECTION, and HEAT PROTECTION. and don't forget, a dry shampoo to prevent over washing that allows your natural oils to REPLENISH itself. 

what else you need to know:

this kit is a full system that takes care of your hair from the shower to styling. every time you put something in your hair you have a chance to make it healthier with the right products. the HAIR REPAIR KIT includes:

what it is formulated WITHOUT:    

- parabens    
- sulfates    
- phthalates 

outstanding performance

our first commitment is to deliver you the HIGHEST PERFORMING PRODUCTS so you can get the hairstyle you want every single day. each product has been carefully formulated with the utmost hair expertise, science, technology, and LOVE.

our ingredient promise

we were built on the founding principle of using high quality NATURAL / NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS to best serve you and our environment. we believe there is no responsible alternative to producing top quality products.
the line is formulated with ORGANIC SEA KELP EXTRACT and a PURE ANTIOXIDANT ESSENTIAL OIL blend - high in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and moisture to nourish your hair leaving it healthy, soft and shiny.

animals and nvenn

our commitment to animal welfare is a MORAL COMMITMENT. we care for every living creature. we do not conduct animal testing, nor ask others to do it on our behalf.

acting responsibly

the pursuit of ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY leads every decision we make. nature is something to be cherished and protected. we believe that we have a responsibility to our community and world to take care of our environment and set an example for others to follow.

responsible packaging

we are proud to have our bottles and jars be 100% aluminum. aluminum is RECYCLABLE and an ANTI-BACTERIAL.

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return information

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