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nvenn is derived from the latin phrase, “inventa il tuo mondo.”  this means INVENT YOUR WORLD.  we live by this concept.

OUR MISSION: to spark change by empowering people to invent their world through flare, beauty, & individuality. a soul that is truly expressed is one that is truly embraced so be who you are meant to be. we believe a movement is started from an idea and can spill over to affect many. this is our time; choose, stand, and together we will move.

nvenn was founded by AWARD WINNING STYLISTS and sisters, jessica lee and veronica lee. they have the mission of changing the world through hair and beauty, and they believe “it’s more than just hair”. hair is an expression of your style and who you are. there is power in living AUTHENTICALLY and being who you WANT to be. you inspire others to do the same because that is who you were MEANT to be.

so won’t you join us, and invent your world?



our love for hair far extends our salon. after all, you want your hair to LOOK GOOD all the time. more importantly, you want styling to be EASY!  which is exactly why we wanted to make sure you could take the salon home. 

your hair wants the LOVE & ATTENTION. 

as HAIR SPECIALISTS with over 20 years of expertise in hair - we have the skills it takes to take your hair from zero to HERO. we can all agree that all hair styles are at it's best when they are HEALTHY, SHINY, and SOFT. we aim to connect your hair with the moisture, repair, protection, and shine that it craves.



nvenn clean dry shampoo

at NVENN, we're committed to delivering the HIGHEST PERFORMING products. not only are we the first organic sea kelp hair care line designed to REPAIR damaged hair. we believe that everyone should be able to get the hair they want every single day. everyday should be a good hair day.

we're proud to say we're a hair care line that is a blend of NATURE and SCIENCE. our completely WEIGHTLESS & INVISIBLE products are designed to have your hair looking and feeling its best.

our products have been carefully formulated with professional expertise, science, technology, and love. we NEVER cut corners, test on animals, or use dangerous chemicals to formulate our products. we're proud to say nvenn is ALWAYS:












sea kelp

we use ORGANIC SEA KELP EXTRACT and PURE ANTIOXIDANT ESSENTIAL OILS to craft our products.  high in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids (building blocks of hair) to lock in moisture and nourish your hair leaving it healthy, soft, and shiny. we NEVER use harmful chemicals, additives, or perfumes.nvenn is formulated using the highest quality INGREDIENTS to best serve your hair.


in fact, we outline our ingredients on EVERY product page, so you know exactly what you're getting from each and every product.  if you have a question about what an ingredient does, ask!  we're always willing to answer questions and reveal the magic behind our natural ingredients.



nvenn's base ingredient is organic sea kelp extract. kelp is rich with minerals, iodines, and amino acids that help your hair grow. SEA KELP is an extremely sustainable ingredient. in fact, it grows so fast you can literally watch it grow.

with more of mother earth's resources at risk than ever before, the pursuit of ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY is at the forefront of every product decision we make. at nvenn, we choose ingredients RESPONSIBLY.

we didn’t just stop with that, because what’s the point if the packaging doesn’t follow suit? that’s why our products are kept in nvenn’s beautiful aluminum bottles that are 100% RECYCLABLE. 



#carebeyondhairat nvenn, we are committed to CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH HAIR AND BEAUTY. we consistently and consciously give back to our community because we believe we live in an abundant world where it is our duty to contribute. we choose to give back with our time, resources, talents, and love.

to view some of our projects click here. if you want to be a part of a project or have a project that you would like us to be a part of, please contact us.



PETA Symbol

our commitment to animal welfare is a MORAL COMMITMENT to every living creature. no matter how small or how large, our respect for animals extends from our ingredients choices, to production, to lifestyle.  

we do not conduct animal testing, nor do we ask others to do it on our behalf.  



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  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE or we'll give your money back.  simply fill out a contact form or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-292-0517.
  • a ton of HAPPY CUSTOMERS. <3
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE and RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT from shipping questions to hair questions.  we are always happy to answer your questions. 
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 people that use NVENN products always seem to find their way back to our site (and salon). why? because we want to make the hair of your dreams a reality :)